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Recording Devices

always be ready to capture your ideas


Yes, you can use your phone to capture a vocal and to record that new song idea.

Handheld Recorder

These recorders come in different sizes with different features. Check out handheld units by Tascam or Zoom.s

Digital Interface

Create studio quality recordings with a Digital Audio Interface. This does require a computer and a DAW application a microphone and a little hands on trainin.

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Free DAWs

Digital Audio workstations

Ableton Live Lite

Virtual instruments, effects, drum rack with a powerful sampling instrument. The lite version is free. Windows & OSX

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Free open source DAW compatible with both Windows and OSX.

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Cubase LE

Supporting up to 24 MIDI & 16 audio tracks. Everything you need out of the gate. Windows & OSX

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Perfect for tracking and is loaded with a library of virtual instruments. Great for beginners to test the waters before purchasing Logic Pro X. OSX only.

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Pro Tools First

Record up to 4 tracks simultaneously and supports up to 16 tracks for playback. Packed with everything you need to get starting .

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Studio One

PreSonus’s professional software packed with all the essentials to start recording.

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Whats Your Process?

We encourage you as a songwriter to keep doing what you are doing if it works for you. Please share with us how you capture you audio for your songs.

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