Pro Membership


Pro Membership
Includes all the benefits of the Deluxe Membership with a fully produced track or song every month.



What is a Pro Membership?

A Pro membership includes all the benefits that are included in the Pro Membership but, includes a fully produced demo with studio musicians and vocalists every month.

  • Fully produced and professionally recorded songwriter demo every month
    • Track option: Fully produced custom studio track only
    • Track and Lead Vocal: Full produced custom studio track w/ lead vocal
    • Track, Lead and Backing Vocals: Fully produced custom studio track with lead and backing vocals.
      • You will receive a copy of the master recording and backing tracks. You will also receive a backing track with and without backing vocals.
  • Unlimited uploads to your writers website to also be displayed within Song Lab Pro’s public catalog.
  • Custom writers webpage to display your song catalog
    • Upload your song catalog, share youtube videos, network with other writers and allow artist and publishers to have instant access to your songs.
  • Share & Sell your songs, tracks and multi tracks of your original songs
  • Protect your songs from copyright and theft
  • Exclusive access to the SLP member access page
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Discounts on studio tracks and song writer demo services
  • Promoting your songs and catalog directly to artist and publishers
  • Membership fees will never increase
  • Full access to future member benefits
  • & MORE

Song Lab Pro is operated by a team of professional songwriters, musicians and producers. We have a thorough grasp of the music industry and strive help everyone find the perfect original song that meets their production needs.

*NOTE Session stems are included with the monthly song demonstration. You will receive a single .WAV and MP3 of your fully produced song. Performers and Artist will have the option to the Standard, Extended, Exclusive and Master License when the song is uploaded to the song catalog. If you would like the session stems you can purchase on the site and receive a member discount.*


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