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So your ready to share you song with the world? Choosing a lyric video that accommodates your song is one of the best ways to add a visual representation of all your hard work. Give your audience, potential Artist and Publishers a video that they can watch and sing along with YOUR song.

After completing your order you can upload your audio file, graphics and lyric sheet.

Upload Requirements 
Submit Audio | High Quality MP3 format @ 320kbps OR WAV File @ 24-Bit Audio
UPLOAD Graphic (High Quality W/Dimensions: 1920×1080) If applicable OR suggest image
UPLOAD Lyrics | PDF, Word, or Open Source


Lyric Video Pricing Explained
You want to promote your upcoming release and are wondering how much a lyric video costs?

Lyric videos are an economic alternative to music videos that offer more bang for your buck. For every project, we start with setting up a theme, and experimenting with various concepts for the video like imagery, fonts styles, colors and animation styles. Similarly, at the end of every project, we go over the entire video adding effects and finishing touches.

Vertical Adaptation *(Optional)
Ever since Instagram launched IGTV, followed by YouTube supporting vertical aspect ratios for mobile, we’ve had an increase in demand for vertical videos. One option is to just put the horizontal video we make within a vertical frame and render a new video. It doesn’t look great, but it’s free.

A nicer looking option would involve resizing/repositioning/reanimating every element in the video so that everything fits a vertical frame. We charge a flat rate of $100 for this.

Extra Fast Delivery (Optional / Priced Separately)
By default, we offer a turnaround time of 7 to 10 days, but depending on how much work we have when we’re commissioned, it could be less. On certain occasions, we’re asked to complete a video within a day or even a few hour deadline. For such cases we can offer extra fast delivery and are priced to accommodate your schedule.

Our 3-Step Creative Process for Custom Lyric Video Production

Think of this as the theme of your song, and try to put the lyrics into a matching physical space. Quite often the album artwork is a great place to start. They often work well with the music so whenever possible, we check if they can be adapted to fit our lyric video.

Assuming that artwork is not an option, we look for stock images or videos that would work well with the song. You can let the topic of the song guide you for this. For example, if the song is about rain, you can look for rainy scenery. Don’t get too obvious though, and don’t be afraid to experiment with the abstract. If the song is about a heartbreak, try looping lights then experimenting with the colors. Avoid couples and humans in general. We recommend against putting text over faces, or having any faces in general except that of the artist/band.

How does each word enter and exit the scene? And, what do they do while they’re on screen? If you’re a musician, you’re probably familiar with attack, sustain and release. This is similar. Before starting to work on the lyric video at all, we tend to go over the song a few times. We note the intensity and the energy level of the song as a whole, and also how they evolve with each segment of the song. With that information we map out what kind of animations we’re going to be using throughout the lyric video.

The quiet or calmer sections work well with long slow fades. Sharper beats or rapping can have faster movement on the words. Make a general map of the animations before starting the video, then adjust accordingly.

Just like a song that might have some backing vocals or guitar fill-ins to enhance the main composition, some visual effects can make your lyric video more immersive. A camera shake on an important beat or drop, soft lights moving over the video, or particles in the background. These are some examples of little details that can give your custom lyric video some depth and take it to the next level.

We do recommend using these with caution though, it’s really easy to get carried away. Remember that the lyrics should be the main focus. We keep in mind the dynamic range of your song and try to reflect that.

Custom Lyric Video Production Summary
We reiterate how important it is to work with a plan to reflect your music visually. It helps to stop thinking of the lyric video as a separate entity than your music, but an extension of it. As the artist, you have the advantage of being familiar with your own music. We will then use that understanding to craft the perfect combination of space, typography and effects that best tell the story of your song.


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