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Account Management

Most frequent questions and answers

What happens if I forgot my password?

Thats easy. Just click on “My Account” then select “Lost your Password”

What happens if I forgot my username?

All you have to do is send us an email to and we will send you an email with access information to your account.


Buying/Licensing Songs

Most frequent questions and answers

What can I do what the song I license

With a license you can perform, record, share and sell your version of the song. You must remember to pay royalties to the songwriter.

How do i download my songs, tracks & lyrcs

The download option should have popped up. If not, then you can log into your Song Lab account to access your files at anytime.

What ownership do i have when licensing a song?

We are licensing your certain rights of use for the song. The tracks and the songs continue to be owned by the copyright owners.

Do I own the song or tracks after purchasing them?

No, the copyright owners still remain the owners of the song and track. You however own your rendition of the song as an artist. You can collect royalties as an artist for the song you leased from Song Lab Pro. The copyright remains with the songwriter and publishers of the song, and they are entitled to royalties on the song.

What restrictions apply for the track?

You are free to use the track in any performance, recording and/or promotional use. You are not allowed to sell or re-sell just the track. Promotional use only.

Can i purchase the song in a different key?

If the song does not have multiple key options then you can use our custom studio track service to re-record you a new track in the key that fits you best. For our demo service click here.

Can I get a refund if I do not use the song?

There are no refunds because we are selling you a license (permission) to use a song.

Whats an exclusive license

Purchasing an Exclusive License gives you and only you the license for the song. Once an Exclusive License is purchased that given song will be removed from the site for the length of your licensing term.

What is a song copyright?

The song is protected by copyright once it has been ‘fixed’ in a form that can be copied, such as being written down or recorded.

what do you mean by song?

A song is a melody and lyrics of any given musical composition.

What is the track owner?

The track owner is creator of the track.Song Lab Pro License the track from the track owner to make them available on to you. 

What if i violate the license agreement?

If any portion of the license agreement is violated we can terminate your song/track. Require you to stop using the song and track. Sue you for damages and file an injunction. See our full license agreements. 

Who can join Song Lab Pro?

If you are a writer, musicians, recording facility or producer you can join Song Lab Pro. Our team is a community of writers, musicians and producers.


Joining as a Writer

Most frequent questions and answers

Is there an age limit for writers to join?

Yes, we know there is a lot of young hidden talent but at this time you must be at least 18 years old to join Song Lab Pro as a writer.

Can I sell my songs and tracks?

Yes, you can add your songs to your writers page and to Song Labs main site.

How much do I make for selling my songs and/or tracks on Song Lab Pro?

This is determined by your writers agreement with Song Lab Pro. Our membership agreements are setup to give the writer 80% to 90% of all sales and 100% of the publishing/songwriters royalties.

What are the benefits of being a member of Song Lab Pro?

Member support and communication is our number one priority! Every song that is uploaded is can added to the public song catalog for artist and publishers to view. Our mailing list is always growing and we send updates to our email subscribers regarding new song. Every premier member receives access to our member dashboard with exclusive access to a database of tools, news and links to advance your writing. Not to mention the discounts you will receive on custom studio tracks, songwriter demos and lyric videos for your songs.

Is Song Lab Pro a publisher?

No. Song Lab Pro is not a publisher The writers and publishers own the copywriter of the songs they showcase and upload.

How does Song Lab Pro market songs for its members?

All the songs that are uploaded to Song Lab Pros website is already in a great place to be discovered by an Artist. We take that a step further by notifying our email subscribers regarding new songs within the Song Lab Pro Catalog.

What If i only have lyrics and no music to sell?

Thats not a problem. We work with some great musicians and vocalist to assist you with recording a professional songwriter demo that you can upload, share and sale.

Can I do a trial run to see if I want to join?

Absolutely. We have a free membership available to get you started.

How long does my membership last?

All paid membership are on a 12 month term. Members can postpone their membership at anytime.

How long till my writer page is created and my songs are available?

It all depends on the number of songs you have submitted to be uploaded. The majority of our new writers accounts will take up to 5 days. Everything we do is custom to assure the very best for our members.

Do I still own my songs?

Yes, 100%. If you are the writer or co-writer of the songs you submit then you are the owner of every song that you upload.

What if Im a co-writer?

Thats not a problem. As long as you have  50% ownership of the song you can join Song Lab Pro and submit your songs. You must provide the co-writers name when you submit the song.

Why are there membership fees if Song Lab is receiving a % of my sells?

One way to keep our prices low, satisfy our writers and provide an affordable price to the artist is by charging a membership fee. A membership is an exclusive acceptance to join our community and get all the perks of being part of what Song Lab Pro brings to the table and has to offer.


Demo and Lyric Videos

Most frequent questions and answers

Who can use Song Lab Pros Demo service?

Anyone can use Song Lab Pro for their demo and studio services. Our team members are writers, musicians and producers. All members get discounts on studio services. Click here for studio services.

Who owns the recordings?

You do! Once you have paid and Song Lab has sent you the final copy of the demo you own 100% of the master recording of the track/ music bed to use however you wish. 

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